Doggy Day Care

Total Peace Of Mind Whilst You Are Away From Home

We are pleased to be able to offer Doggy Day Care for customers that have a busy lifestyle and do not want their dog to remain home alone. Doggy Day Care works in much the same way as a childminder or nursery, simply drop your dog off with us and we will look after them for the day whilst you are at work or away from home. When you are finished for the day simply pop back to collect them.

We ensure that there is a trained and vetted member of staff with your dogs during their Dog Day Care. All dogs will get a 30 minute walk included within the price if required. If you would like your dog to have a full one hours walk there will be an additional fee of just £6.

Our Day Care homes have lots of toys and games for the dogs so that they can all enjoy playing together whilst at Dog Day Care. A lot of owners like to know their dog is safe and happy, Dog Day Care ensures they are looked after and never left home alone whilst also giving your dog a healthy social life. Many of our Day Care dogs are regulars so your dog will have all their friends with them. We will also provide you with a report each time your dog uses our Dog Day Care, this allows you to read about your dogs day and all the fun and adventures they have had with us.

You and your dog are more than welcome to come and visit our facilities before starting our Dog Day Care service by prior appointment. Doggy Day Care is an ever popular solution to leaving your dog home alone.